About Us

360_Course_Photo_2014OUBEP is an executive programme that offers a unique blend of high-calibre tuition, combined with industry-leading keynote speakers, and fellow delegates from across multiple industries spanning the public, private and NGO sectors.  This creates a rich and diverse platform to explore economic theory, while at the same time using real world examples and contemporary thinking from multiple industries to bring the theory alive, making it accessible and easy to understand.  In parallel, you will also have the opportunity to participate in typical cultural activities in Oxford such as punting, croquet, and even Shakespeare, and it’s this that makes the OUBEP experience so rewarding.   An intense two weeks, OUBEP does cram a lot in, both academically and culturally, but does so in an environment that is both stimulating and fun, and you will leave with not only a solid grounding in economic thinking, but also some great memories.

Written by 2014 Course Director, Bruce Morrison