Summer School 13th July to 26th July 2019

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Changes in the economics of markets is forcing alterations to many firms’ and organisations’ best laid plans and strategies. Conducting business in the current challenging environment requires senior managers to have an awareness of economic and finance issues. It requires them to be able to alter the structure of their organisations and their strategies so as to increase the chance of success taking into account the broader economic context.

The Oxford University Business Economics Programme is an international course which has never been more relevant to this challenge. OUBEP offers delegates an intensive analysis of economics at both the micro (strategic) and macro levels. It aims to provide participants with the logical, structured and critical thinking tools needed for economic and strategic analysis. It combines these tools with knowledge of recent research, and applies them to general business applications in the light of economic events.

Thus OUBEP seeks to provide the tools necessary for a senior manager to understand the forces which shape their current economic situation. And then use this understanding to improve their response and better meet their objectives.

An ability to fully understand the workings of the global economy, is essential for leaders in both the public and private sectors. A good knowledge of the impact that different economic policies have on financial, political and consumer behaviour, will also be needed to develop competitive strategies.

The Oxford University Business Economics Programme addresses these and many other issues. It is designed specifically for those with a questioning mind, good intellect and strong analytical skills. Ideal candidates will have 10-15 years experience and reached management in business, the public sector or NGOs. They should also possess strong interpersonal skills and a desire to learn.

The complete OUBEP experience comprises a central two-week Summer School and a series of short Topical Economic Programmes, for the best and brightest future leaders in the global economy.

The course takes place in Oxford in July. The cost of the 14 day programme including accommodation and meals was £19,500 in 2017. 2018 fee to be confirmed.