“I am particularly impressed that the tutors and lecturers managed to bring the topic across to people like me with a purely technical background. You certainly got me hooked….

I liked the course format, the lectures and syndicates, the evening presentations and also the extracurricular activities a lot.
As always with such courses I also benefited big time from the other participants. Their questions and explanations, the insights they gave into their businesses, the numerous discussions in various smaller and larger groups and of course the personal discussions were very helpful.

In a nutshell – this was easily the best course I have ever participated in.”

Dr. Guido Naberfeld
Head, Technology Center PCS, Covestro

“OUBEP summer school is a high energy, thought provoking experience – well worth the tuition fee…”

“OUBEP tutors were world class…”

“OUBEP was my favorite executive education experience…”  John Hardigree, Global Business Development Director, Accenture Information Management Services

“OUBEP is the ultimate learning experience that a young senior manager/ professional can hope for, compact but highly educating. The quality of the content and course design, experience of the tutors and the flawless organization is unmatched to any other training or event that I have ever attended.

These two exuberant weeks at Templeton provided me an opportunity to look at the reality of globalization and impact of different economic policies on the developed and underdeveloped countries.” Dr Amena Hasan, CEO Business for Social Progress, Pakistan

“I attended the Oxford University Business Economic Programme in 2004 with expectations that this would be a great opportunity for me. I was not disappointed. The programme has provided me with a far greater depth of understanding of the business in which I operate. As I have the responsibility for the manufacture and supply of one of the world’s leading healthcare brands, the programme has been key in my personal development. OUBEP offered me the chance to network with a highly talented peer group across a broad range of industries located in many different countries. Learning together in a high quality environment with impressive tutors stimulating challenge and debate was a tremendously exciting experience – and we had a lot of fun along the way too. Informal discussions at first hand with leading industrialists and political opinion formers allowed me to understand how the theory really is put into practice. This course is not for the faint-hearted! This is an exceptional, high energy and demanding programme that I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending”. Duncan Goldsworthy, Respiratory Product Stream Director, GlaxoSmithKline

“The Oxford University Business Economics Programme is a truly long term investment. I attended the course in the summer of 2004 and it was a memorable experience. It provided me with an excellent mix of learning, challenges and fun. But, most importantly it was the first time I had attended a programme that had the right balance of long-term benefits for the sponsoring company, as well as the person attending. The immediate benefits centred on understanding the affect of economics on business with a new highly capable network, while the long-term benefits are the ability to think differently and solve business issues through knowledge and teamwork. The participants and tutors were excellent and the quality of visiting speakers was exceptional.” Benoit Laclau, IT Managing Director, EDF Energy

“I attended the 2003 summer programme during a transitional period in my career. I was about to take up a leadership position in Asia, that involved me joining the executive team in my business. The programme provided a unique opportunity to reflect on the economic drivers – and business behaviours and strategies – that we all experience; but may not have had the opportunity to study in any depth, or with the benefit of expert tuition. The programme is presented in a thought-provoking yet pragmatic way. It presents many economic and strategic theories and models, but it also relates them to the world we all experience and in which we live and work. The quality of the faculty and guest speakers for the course is only equalled by the quality of the experienced participants who bring their personal and professional learning and knowledge to the course and enable a high level of reasoned debate and interaction. The program helped me both in my career and geographical transition and provided a better understanding of the environment we operate in. And, what finer setting than the cloistered surroundings of the great seat of learning that is Oxford.”  Ron Gerrard, Vice President Operations and Technology, Huntsman Polyurethanes

 “As one of the first delegates to win an OUBEP scholarship, I consider myself extremely fortunate. From the first day of the course, I was exposed to healthy challenges from both the high-calibre academic tutoring and a group of extremely capable participants; who were mostly in leadership and management positions in industry and public service. It is very obvious that tutors and delegates are seeking to give and receive the best that the discipline of economics has to offer as a tool to better understand and create results in the global economy. I am particularly interested in opening questions that are constantly being raised by the need for sustainability. My understanding of the different, yet intelligent and articulate views, has been truly enhanced; no more so than by the amazing cast of visiting speakers, who often provoked us to think ‘out of the box’. They also gave us a wide variety of perspectives on the important issues of today. As a consultant and researcher for new and more sustainable development models, participation in the course has given me an essential foundation to a more holstic approach to development work.”  Melita Rogelj, Consultant, Slovenian Business Research Association

“I attended OUBEP in 2000 as an opportunity to broaden my personal effectiveness, and was not disappointed. No-one should expect an overnight transformation, but being better able to understand the economic aspects of business situations, and apply my own economic perspective, has been of great benefit to my work in product supply management. So, when asked to go back as Programme Director for 2003, my goal was to give delegates a preview of what to expect, and help them get the most out of their attendance. Only someone who has been through it can begin to tell you (and even then you will underestimate) how intensive the programme is. Long full days, deadlines to meet and working through weekends. However, given the right guidance it is simply a great opportunity to benefit from contact with academic experts and high profile guest speakers. No less interesting is the contact and working in syndicates with a diverse group of peers from other sectors, industries, and nationalities.” Mike Saxton Associate Director, Product Supply Oral Care Business, EMEA, Procter & Gamble