Topical Economics Programme

20th July 2018.  A One-Day Topical Economics Programme for senior managers and business leaders. You are invited to join the candidates of the two week programme and faculty for dinner the evening prior to the course.

The 2018 topic will be confirmed in due course, the 2017 topic was “The Economics of Exchange Rates and Currencies”

Thursday 20 July 2017

7.00pm – Pre dinner drinks reception followed by dinner at 7.30pm

8:00 Breakfast
8:45 Director’s Introduction and Academic Briefing
9:00 Exchange Rates (Beata Javorcik)
10:00 Syndicate Discussion
11:15 Currency Wars (Peter Sinclair)
12.15 Break, followed by Lunch at 12:30
1:15 Syndicate Discussion
2:15 Cryptocurrencies (Garrick Hileman)
3:15 Syndicate Discussion
4:30 Economic Events Round Table  (Peter Eso, Beata Javorcik, Kevin Sheppard)
7:00 Depart Egrove for a formal College Dinner.
7:30 Drinks Reception followed by Dinner Balliol College

22 July 2017
8:00am – Breakfast –You will be welcome to stay and observe the programme today.

Overview The Topical Economics Programme of this year’s OUBEP is dedicated to the economics of currencies and exchange rates. One of the consequences of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was an unprecedented monetary easing in the majority of main advanced nations (US, Eurozone, UK and Japan). This liquidity injection had repercussions at many levels, but especially in the foreign exchange market. Ironically, the authorities of emerging nations, who until 2007 had been accused of currency manipulation, now complain loudly about the unfair devaluation of currencies such as the euro, the pound or the yen. Even though the US dollar has been relatively stable by comparison, many voices call for a new international reserve currency. Simultaneously, the cryptocurrency industry has emerged with the promise of offering a more convenient means of payment, disconnected from central banks’ policies and administrative controls on capital flows.
The lectures on this day will cover, with the help of specialists, three topics. We will start by setting out the basic macro framework to understand exchange rates and, in particular, why they are so volatile. In the second lecture we will be covering the period since the GFC and the currency wars unleashed by it. The third lecture is dedicated to cryptocurrencies.